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        The color may look the same, but the paint we strive for is unique in both color and properties. We are the company that will strive to find that one perfect paint.

        Message from the President

        Committed to be a people-first company that contributes to society

        Our mission is to provide our employees with a decent living by giving them jobs and also make our fair share of contribution to social systems. Founded in 1958, Musashi Paint has been committed to our original intention over more than five decades of growth.

        What we think is closely related to how we act, and the latter decides how the company will be run.

        To achieve our mission, we must become a powerful company by relying on business and talents.

        Musashi aims to meet a wide variety of demands, develop and provide customized paint for our customers by employing the technique of mixing various raw materials. Our products can be applied to an increasing number of areas from household appliances, communications equipment to automobile.

        Meanwhile, we have established three global bases with Asia, America and Europe as its centers respectively through our tireless effort to go global.

        We are committed to expand our presence in the world as we work to meet local demands.At the moment, the number of foreign employees in our company has accounted for over 80% and we have seen an increasing number of the non-natives enter the boardroom. The diversity is consistent with our profile as a multinational company.

        We must act according to the circumstances in an effort to achieve our goals, particularly at a time when we work to take our company to a new level.

        In terms of organizational structure, we must improve our management system in which there will be no room for discrimination against national origin or gender. We must make a reality our philosophy of “putting people first” by implementing a system that promotes diversity.

        We hope measures we have taken, our technical competence, global production-marketing network as well as ideas we have believed in since we started business will enable us to forge ahead and navigate through challenges. In the days that follow, we will redouble our effort to develop new products and expand new market with the aim of taking our company to a new level.

        President & CEO:
        Yumiko Fukui

        Management Philosophy

        Musashi Paint Group is a corporate group that proposes solutions to companies around the world that deal with paint, helping them "paint" with the power of globalization, the power of development, and the power of adaptability.

        Code of Conduct

        As board members and employees of Musashi Paint Group and as self-aware members of society,we will faithfully adhere to the principles in the following code of conduct:

        Legal compliance

        A sense of social decency

        We will thoroughly adhere to the law at all times.
        We will conduct ethical, fair and impartial business with all our partners based on the laws of each country.
        We will maintain a fair, transparent, and clean business attitude, and will not condone any unlawful acts including extortion and bribery.
        We will understand and respect the traditions, cultures, and histories of the regions in which we work.

        Human rights and labor

        Honoring all basic human rights

        We will honor the basic rights and diversity of all people.
        We will not discriminate against anyone in any way, and will treat all people equally.
        We will not be involved with or condone child labor or forced labor.
        We will realize a cheerful work environment in which each employee can exhibit his or her potential and find meaning in work.
        We will create a work environment in which we can secure the safety and health of our employees.
        At all times and in all places, we will all cooperate and work together.

        Contributing to society

        Aiming to be a company the international society trusts

        As a self-conscious global company, we will contribute to the societal development of each region while working for harmony and coexistence at each of our bases worldwide.
        We will cooperate with local societies to participate in crime and disaster prevention activities and work towards safe and comfortable environments.
        Each one of us will show concern for societal issues and participate in volunteerism and other activities to contribute to society.

        The environment

        Environmentally friendly paint making

        We will always treasure nature and engage in environmentally friendly paint making, technology development, and business activities.
        We will all proactively engage in activities to protect the environment.
        We will work together in harmony with all our business partners to protect our earth's future environment.

        The management of company property and information

        Secure asset preservation and trade secret management

        We will strive to secure and manage Musashi Paint Group's assets, trade secrets, and personal information,
        handling them appropriately as per company regulations.
        We will work to preserve Musashi Paint Group's intellectual property, and will also take care not to infringe on the intellectual property rights of any other company during our research and development.
        We will never unfairly use or obtain the confidential information of any other company.

        Safety and quality

        For products and services society trusts

        We will always endeavor to satisfy our customers, and will strive to provide high quality, safe products and services to merit their trust.
        Each one of our employees will work with pride and adhere to laws regarding product and service safety.

        Advantages of Musashi
        Since 1958 when the company was founded, we have managed multiple customer demands. Thanks to our endless efforts, we have won a unique place in the paint industry.
        Geographical Sites
        Musashi History
        Since its establishment in 1958, Musashi coatings have been used for more than half a century.
        It's a long way to go. In order to enable the company to continue to sail far in the future
        We cherish every step we have taken in the 100-year voyage and even 200-year voyage.
        Quality and Environment
        Musashi is committed to lifting its profile by producing
        high-quality paint and delivering higher customer satisfaction.
        We will give priority to product quality as we seek sustained growth.

        Voice of the customer

        What do our customers think of us? Do we act according to our idea that “Musashi must meet 100% customer expectations and deliver 120%
        customer satisfaction” and make them feel we are valuable? We interviewed several customers doing business with us. Let’s hear their voices.

        A genuine expert

        KOM&CO.DESIGN Corp.
        Yoshihiro Komuta

        Ready for challenges

        Eri Makita

        Humanity nurtured in
        a unique environment.

        GK Graphics
        Masahiko Kimura

        Feel the existence
        of sensibility

        Shigenori Ichimura

        Openness and

        Asahi Kasei
        Shota Mumata/
        Kento Kisawa

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