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There were already three to five passers-by standing in front of the shop that Hong Dali bought. They looked at the gems embedded armor in the shop and discussed among themselves


He was an elder member of the highest authority of the Galaxy Aristocrats, one of the five current protectors of the Galaxy Aristocrats and the Milky Way, Five Kings.Dongliu!


After all, Jiang Qianxue had no previous experience with love and she was very young. She really needed to seriously consider the current situation.


Ling Xiaoyi, Li Yang, and the rest of the nine lackeys hurriedly received the secret manuals. Being a qualified lackey, they must help their Master to handle all kinds of difficulties and problems. They definitely couldn’t just slack around and do nothing—nothing much needed to be said, they would definitely start practicing once they went back!


It was a young man who was about twenty-five years old with red hair and an arrogant smile on his face. He had his arms around two pretty young females, one on each side. Most importantly, he was wearing an orange-level Honorary Aristocrats cloak!


“Oh…” Hong Dali opened the door and instructed the lackeys. “Everyone, hurry and gather. We’ll go out to squander after we eat. Hahaha!”

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While they were thinking about where to go, Luo Qiang contacted them from the pawnshop. Once the call was connected, it was evident that Luo Qiang was in despair. “Boss, I quit! I want to tender my resignation! I cannot take it anymore. Sob, sob, sob!”


Hehe, actually, I have some good news for you. The Bureau Chief suddenly smiled and then held out a handful of Dali beans from his pocket. Dali, look at this. I didnt think they would exist in the virtual world too. Haha.


Youre giving me something again? Jiang Qianxue hesitated slightly at the thought of being given another gift. However, it was not the first time and she was getting used to it. This time she did not object, so they started off.


This middle-aged man, Hong Dali pointed at the shop owner. said he intends to let go of his shop. Im going to take over it.


Let me do some calculations. Hong Dali started counting with his fingers. If ten thousand people take part in one city, and one hundred is chosen, three thousand cities would be 300,000 people. With an advancement ratio of one hundred to one, three thousand will be selected. Then thirty, then three Up to this point, Hong Dali was shocked. Oh, this is a cruel competition!


“Yes! Of course, there is!” Yin Tianzong excitedly said, “The Elders have passed down the newest information. As long as this person comes and reports to the city owner, he will be directly promoted to a purple-level Honorary Aristocrat! Purple-level! He will even be heavily groomed, that’s definitely a lot of benefits for him! After he goes to a few trial planets for show and comes back, he will definitely become a black-level Honorary Aristocrat, only one notch below the Galaxy Aristocrats. However, in terms of the real power that he can command, he definitely won’t lose to any Galaxy Aristocrat!”


However, there was no choice. Missions had always been this way. If there was a reward, there should be a penalty too. It was normal.



Otherwise, if Tang Muxin found out and fought with her, resulting in Jiang Qianxue getting angry and blowing the Earth up—f**k, all his hairs were standing up, that’s a terrifying thought!



Jiang Qianxue trembled as she held on to Hong Dali’s left arm. Tang Muxin held on tightly to Hong Dali’s right arm. The situation was tense and volatile. Li Nianwei and everyone else stood at the back, chilled. It was a very uncomfortable ride.


“Yes!” Mentioning the battle with the Zergs, even the guard’s reply sounded much louder than before. “For the glory of mankind!”


When they heard what Tianyi said, the crowd exclaimed, My God, he must be a martial arts talent to pass level twenty-two!Yes, yes, only a few people from our Shenluo City passed level twenty-two. This Honorary Aristocrat must be very powerful, he advanced directly!Yes, the lackey is in danger!

  • Li Nianwei smiled as she approached him. Once she sat down, she put her long, slender legs on the table. The heels of her shoes were almost in the Goblins nose. Little guy, I suggest you take this seriously. Otherwise, you will have to bear the consequences!
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