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Several people started talking. Quick, look. That tiger is the Golden-armored Green-eyed Tiger? Its so cool. This is the first time Ive seen anyone with a pet like that! Yes, I could tell at one glance that the Young Master leading the crowd is no ordinary person. Incredible! Golden-armored Green-eyed Tiger is not an ordinary beast. Its so big, ordinary people cannot afford to raise them!


En, en, en. My Xinxin has always been capable. Tang Ruixi grinned and patted on the back of Tang Muxins hand. I could tell since you were a little girl.


Let me do some calculations. Hong Dali started counting with his fingers. If ten thousand people take part in one city, and one hundred is chosen, three thousand cities would be 300,000 people. With an advancement ratio of one hundred to one, three thousand will be selected. Then thirty, then three Up to this point, Hong Dali was shocked. Oh, this is a cruel competition!


“Brother Dali!” Seeing Hong Dali finally coming out from the Tower of Trials, Yin Tianzong laughed loudly and walked up to welcome him. Upon seeing Hong Dali, he instantly said, “Brother Dali, a super-genius appeared from our Shenluo City! A super-genius! He passed level 30! He passed all of the 30 levels in just one afternoon, how impressive is that?”


“I don’t want to either!” Qianxue said helplessly, “But you are the only person I can talk to! I’m a Galaxy Aristocrat, ordinary people would be too scared to do anything like that with me. If I ask another Galaxy Aristocrat, what if they think I really want to marry them?! If that happens, I will never be able to explain myself! You are my last resort…”


As they greeted each other, the people in the Honorary Aristocrats area saw Honorary Aristocrat approaching them with his entourage and started joking

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Thats good, then, thats good. The Bureau Chief said, satisfied, I feel much better with your assurance. Next time, bring some people with you when you visit the virtual world. If they bring some technological theories and blueprints, we can research it ourselves too.


Interesting! Ace stared with his eyes wide open. Ive seen all sorts of people, but it is the first time Ive met someone so sincere in squandering. Hahahaha!


“Damn it.” Jiang Qianxue violently shook her head and muttered, “Why did I suddenly think of that prodigal, the difference between him and my hero is way too big, bigger than 100,000 lightyears. Why did I suddenly think of him?”


Of course, that was the problem. Everyone was nervous as Jiang Qianxue was with Hong Dali. If she found out that Hong Dali was the super genius that would be the end of the world!


Quentin had already grown to a length of five meters, about the size of a small spacecraft.


Large numbers of people surfed the news here normally and today, it was even more crowded.


“Any room will do.” The man with eagle eyes shrugged his shoulders indifferently. “Anyway, I’m preparing to go to the Tower of Trials. As long as there’s a virtual reality helmet.”



This uncle had come to ask for an autograph, but it seemed he might not get one—he quickly replied, “This is Beijing. Young Master, look at the surroundings, aren’t the buildings all built like Beijing palaces? This virtual world is really good. I don’t get tired working here and I even get paid. I earned a few hundred yuan in just a few days. I”m too happy…”



“Ah? You like Brother Genius?” Yin Tianzong did not seem to find anything wrong with that. “I like him too! When I meet him, I intend to make him my big brother!”


Dont worry. Its okay. Tang Muxin quickly changed the topic. Speaking of which, this Star Harbor is really big. There are so many things inside. Unfortunately, we dont really need anything and cant shop. Its such a mood spoiler.


This was an expert who had passed level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials and an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat. Although they had not fought, he must be quite capable to dare to speak like thatafter all, skills were easy to recognize. Once he started to fight, people would know if he was really capable. If he boosted his abilities here, he would get beaten up to a pulp.

  • Yes. The guard nodded. They went to a pawnshop, then to Star Harbor, Planet Registry, and lastly to the Brent Revolving Restaurant, which they are currently at.
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