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“Wrong!” Hong Dali chuckled. “Drinking wine is an art. This is good wine, but it cannot be drunk without a good receptacle! Mister prodigal, you are so careless about wines. All you do is gulp it like a brute. That will not do, it’s too unsightly. No, no! Wines must be matched with a complementing receptacle. Your cup must match your wine!”


Even though she did not have any information about the almighty genius, she was only eighteen, after all. That was the best age to fangirl. For someone like her who was usually cold and distant, when she became obsessed with something


“You are really an idiot with no sense of direction.” Tang Muxin humphed and said, “Ask from the guards for directions to the Savage Rose Tavern. If that doesn’t work, give him five Galaxy Dollars and ask him to bring you here. We are all here now.”


Rubbish. Why would I let you appraise them if I am not putting them up for auction? Li Nianwei was perfect in mimicking a tough woman. The rough voice contrasted with her beautiful looks. Quit talking rubbish. Go inform whoever to include these pieces of equipment in the auction. We dont have much time. You waste one minute of our time and youre wasting tens of thousands of Galaxy Dollars!


“Then… Alright.” Hong Dali thought for a while again, then suddenly remembered that James and a big bunch of people were still waiting to make a film. How could he have forgotten about such a good opportunity to squander? Upon thinking of this, Hong Dali’s eyes lit up. He smiled and said, “I did indeed think of something. Brother Tianzong, can you help me make a filming company? I want to film some stuff for fun… Such as buying some small planets and blowing them up for fun.”


Because once the great Mister Gate and second greatest Eagle-eyed Mister saw each other, the second greatest Eagle-eyed Mister swung his sword at him…

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Both of them chatted for a while and Lan Ruoxi suddenly kicked Hong Weiguo who was quietly smoking beside. “Old man, are you dumb? You only know how to smoke. Why don’t you say something?”


Tianyi thought to himself. This Hong Dali intentionally does business to lose money, does he have something up his sleeves to turn the tables around?


Mr. Scott, the clerk said respectfully, you have become an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat, please decide on the name on the cloak.


To have a bunch of sons who were so brave and strong, it was no wonder this mysterious old man did not dare to fight him.


Luckily, they soon reached their destination. At least no one started fighting on the spacecraft…


Hong Dali beamed and fondly tapped on little Bai Hechous nose. Little one, have you been behaving well?


Honestly speaking, the great Uncle Eagle Eye and the super great Mister Gate were really efficient when they worked. Mihawk waved his black sword about wildly and hacked vehemently at everything. As long as it was something that did not seem pleasing, he hacked it off! Mister Gate followed behind moving and piling up all the bits that got hacked off. First, they made a circle on the ground, then they further cut the hacked off material into smaller pieces. Li Yang and the other lackeys went out and bought back something that worked like cement and plastered it on the circle of chips…



Shen Gaoyi from the Straight Valley Star, twenty-two years old, level eighteen of the Tower of Trials, cleared on the one hundred and twenty-fourth attempt. Eligible to be promoted to Honorary Aristocrat Reserve, low level.



If he was too forceful, she would instead become rebellious and go against him. That definitely wouldn’t be a good thing. Therefore, the best way was to drag this for as long as possible. Maybe after time went by, her feelings for this mysterious person would slowly fade, and she would become back to normal. After all, young girls were indeed unable to resist hero-like people. But after time passed, this hero syndrome would slowly fade. By that time, it would be easier to slowly convince her around.


How did they end up together? Jiang Duxing exclaimed. He is one of the three emperors of the Dimu Star Sector space pirates. The most powerful person in the entire Dimu Star Sector is in Shenluo City?


“Other than this, there’s something else.” Hong Dali sniffled, smiled and said, “There’s a necklace too. This necklace is good stuff. Its name is Soul Hunter. It can boost all of the wearer’s attributes by 30% for 30 seconds. Its cooldown timing is 24 hours—Brother Levis, take it, no one is more suitable for having this than you!”

  • The ordinary people on Earth had no inkling of the doom that was about to descend on them. Only the leaders of all the states had gotten the news. Right then, basically all the states were desperately making nuclear weapons. They might not be very effective against the Zerg, but it was better than just surrendering without a fight.
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